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Dec 4, 2012
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Posted by: scottie

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Thanks Scottie



Young People are getting alot of bad press these days. Rock Solid Youth Trust will do what ever it takes to get alongside and help out where ever we can.

Why we do camps?

Young People need to be challenged in all aspects of their life. So with outdoors activities, challengers, team work, and working with leaders we hope to have input into there physical, mental, social and spiritual areas of there life looking at the whole person. On a week camp we really get to know a young person and what he or she struggles with.

Why do we run Big events?

Young people love E.T. (excitement and togetherness) Through big events like Rainbows End Ranpage(995yp), Fuse/CTC(2,500yp), YouthZone Ball (350yp) Expressions talent Quest(300yp) and the Bands that come our way Y-One, the Lads, mumsdollar, alabaster box etc. These young people get exposed to what we do at Youth Zone.

Why do we run weekly youth programmes?

The only way you can make a difference is to be able to work with a young person weekly. Thats why Rock Solid club exists to help make solid foundations in a young person life. To help them through the turbulent teenage years.

How do we survive financially?

We totally survive off donations from friends, family and businesses. We know that we cant possibly survive just on donations so we apply for the odd grant and also run our own Charity Auction which is Northland wide and very genoursly supported by Northland and NZ businesses. This helps us $9,000 towards our youth work around Northland. Our full-time volunteers have to raise there own support from friends and family. If you are interested in helping us out financially either for Staff support or our $20 month backbone club ring us on (09) 4386059

Rock Solid Youth Trust contact details: 
PO Box 1450, Whangarei Ph 09 4386059

You can contact us by emailing or by calling us.


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